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Get the one that best fits your need like a travel humidor for those on the go.

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We offer a wide variety of digital and mechanical hygrometers from Xikar.Besides its compact size, we like that it can display temperature readings in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

In other words, hygrometers measure the amount of moisture in a particular environment, usually by calculating temperature and pressure changes.The Cigar Oasis also will display RH in your humidor so there is no need for a secondary hygrometer.

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This hygrometer by Western Humidor is a very small analog hygrometer.You can add a Boveda Calibration Kit to your Hygrometer order for just $3.25 more, normal price for the Calibration Kit is $4.97.

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A hygrometer, sometimes known as a humidity meter or humidity gauge, is a device for measuring humidity in the air.

Cigar humidors come in a variety of designs and sizes, ranging from small desktop humidors to high-end humidors with internal shelves and digital hygrometers.

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Now place the hygrometer in your humidor, close the lid, and just walk away: You should leave your new humidor alone for as long as 24 hours after that initial wetting.

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To make it less confusing we have included easy to follow information below on seasoning your humidor, Charging your humidifier (adding humidity) and directions for Calibrating your Hygrometer.A humidor makes it possible to maintain an optimum temperature of 70 degrees as well as 70% relative humidity.They come in all shapes and sizes—and some of the big cigar manufacturers have massive humidors in their facilities—but for your personal cigar humidor, you probably just need a small one.


Your product will be shipped to its final destination to arrive in 2 business days or faster.Product Description Looking for the best cigar hygrometer for your cigar humidor.Setting up your new humidor and new hygrometer can be confusing.

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Includes a self adhesive magnet for mounting the hygrometer to the inside of your humidor.

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Digital hygrometers are usually more accurate and reliable than analog.Regardless of what kind, it is important to maintain a humidity level of 68% to 72% inside of a humidor to properly preserve and age cigars.

These hygrometers are less expensive, but are only of limited accuracy.

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A hygrometer is important because it gives you a read on what conditions are like inside of your humidor.

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Three systems of analog hygrometers must be differentiated: Analog hygrometers with a metal spring: Hygrometers with a metal spring are used in the majority of all humidors.It assures that your cigars are stored in the humidor at the ideal environment and kept in prime smoking conditions.

The more empty space, the more readily the humidity will drop.A hygrometer is your best defense against beetles, mold, or your cigars drying out.The HygroSet II is the very first electronic hygrometer of its kind with the ability of being readjusted after calibration.This means you can easily dampen cigars when your hygrometer reads 50% humidity or dry out cigars when it reads 70% humidity.You would be surprised how much your temperature and humidity can differ from the exterior, especially if your humidor is in sunlight, on top of a computer, or in a.Analog or digital hygrometers can be used to measure humidity levels inside of cigar humidors.But, without controlling the humidity, you might not get to enjoy that next cigar as much as you had hoped.

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