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By far the most famous of all sitar players, Ravi Shankar has long been a beacon of light for Indian music worldwide.It was invented by Amir Khusrau, a legend in Indian classical music.

Jaipur Gharana – The Sitar Gharana of Indian Classical Music

If you wish to learn Instruments as per Indian Style or Hindustani Classical Style and seeking guidance of an expert then myGurukul is the one and only option online.If you use any of these indian loops please leave your comments.

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It is a serious attempt to convey the basic principles and allied information on sitar and its music, keeping in mind its absolute usefulness for the students who want.These tutor are produced by the Batish family after many years of teaching experience and are a very unique learning tool for students of Indian music that might find themselves at a loss for a good accomplished guru in their area.

Sitar Music Society is a non-profit collective, passionate about promoting the excellence,.

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Of the many melodic instruments, the most prominent are the plucked lutes, sitar and sarod in the north and vina in the south.A stringed instrument of India having a seasoned gourd for a body and a hollow wooden neck with movable raised frets.

Origin of Sitar in India It is said by some that the instrument Khusrau introduced in India was the three-stringed Persian Sehtar (seh means three and tar means string).

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Sitar is of the most popular music instruments of North India.

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The unique sound of Indian instruments allow good to meditate and relax.


Online, everywhere. - stream 100 sitar playlists including Ravi Shankar, Anoushka Shankar, and indian music from your desktop or mobile device.He was renowned throughout the world for his pioneering work in bringing Indian music to the West.

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Below the frets of Sitar are thirteen sympathetic strings which are tuned to the notes of the Raga.

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Veena or sarod indian classical music stringed instrument with old ornamental wooden body for ethnic music and arts themes design.

We carry air shipped sitars from Srishti, Radhey Shyam Sharma, Hiren Roy, Naeem Sitarmaker, Mohan Lal Sharma and others. 30 years of sitar experience and an old school ethical approach to business guaranteeing you a great experience and satisfaction.View,Sitars are stringed Indian musical instruments originating from the lute family.

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Sitar has been in use since 700 years and is the most popular stringed instrument of India.

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Sitar vector icon Sitar concept vector linear icon isolated on transparent background, Sitar concept transparency logo in outline style Sitar transparent icon.

Online indian music store featuring harmoniums, sitars, tablas and other Indian musical instruments.

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Since Sitar has opened, we have served tourists and townsfolk alike.

Sitar music -- Find potential answers to this crossword clue at and Indian classical music—two of the great musical idioms of the world—at first would seem to have little in common.

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The music of the Indian subcontinent is usually divided into two major traditions of classical music: Hindustani music of North India and Karnatak music of South India, although many regions of India also have their own musical traditions that are independent of these.

It is also a member of the plucked family of string instruments.It is fashioned from a seasoned gourd, teakwood and has twenty mental frets with six or seven playing strings and nineteen sympathetic strings below.

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